takes the frustration out of creating gorgeous
Kindle, Nook, and iPad ebooks.

Turning a manuscript into an ebook is hard—so hard that 67% of readers rated the formatting of the last ebook they read as “bad” or “very bad!”

Don’t hurt your ebook’s sales with a shoddy ebook conversion. Bookspry makes it easy to create a beautiful ebook that'll impress your readers and make you proud.

We guarantee a beautiful ebook, or your money back—no questions asked!

Why Bookspry? Don’t I just upload to Amazon?

When you upload your Word document to places like Amazon or Smashwords, they do an auto-conversion to an ebook format that e-readers can read. But you can't control how your auto-converted ebook looks and those ebooks are filled with font, typesetting, spacing, and navigation problems. They look terrible!

An e-reader

Some places make you revise your manuscript to conform to gigantic, complex style guides. Others point you to online forums where you have to beg for help. Don't waste any more time with complex formatting guides or online forums. Bookspry gives you a live preview of your ebook that you can tweak till it's perfect. Spend time writing, not fiddling with ebook formats.

Ebook covers

Auto-converted ebooks look unprofessional.

Bookspry makes pro-level ebooks a snap.

Import your Word manuscript with our smart converter. Bookspry detects things like chapter titles and section breaks so you do less work.

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Tweak your ebook until it looks perfect. Bookspry's simple editor lets you see the changes to your ebook as you make them. Use the powerful Beautify functions for one-click typesetting.


Upload your gorgeous ebook directly to sales channels. Download universally-compatible ebook files from Bookspry and upload them directly to sales channels like Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and your web site, or transfer them directly to e-readers like Kindle or Nook.

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You're proud of your writing.

Now be proud of how it's presented.

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